Our Latest Realization

We are proud to present the Matisse Room, a marvelous gift to the sacred arts world, offered by the generosity of our President, Liana Marabini. It is a large space in the heart of the Vatican Museums that hosts an impressive permanent collection of huge drawings and vestments by Henri Matisse.


Matisse RoomThe gallery of modern religious art, located in the depths of the Vatican Museums in the apartments of Pope Alexander VI Borgia and the basement of the Sistine Chapel, contains many jewels. At the heart of this impressive collection, there is now a unique collection: the ensemble of the preparatory drawings by Henri Matisse made for the Chappelle du Rosaire in Vence, France. The Chappelle du Rosaire is the last and most important work of sacred art made by Matisse between 1950 and 1954 in which he designed the whole chapel: its architecture, paintings, stained glass windows, vestments, crucifix and altar.

The huge drawings were donated by the son of the artist, Pierre Matisse to the Vatican Museums in 1980. They remained in the storage until June 2011, when they have been gathered and exposed together in the new space called Matisse Room, situated between the Sixtine Chapel and the Paoline Chapel. The works of preparation of the Room took two years and the result is perfect. Our president, Liana Marabini and her generosity, made possible the realization of this permanent exhibition in the heart of the Vatican Museums. Her ties with the Vatican Museums are very strong: She is also president of the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums (Monaco Chapter).

Press ConferenceShe presented the Matisse Room during a press conference with Antonio Paolucci (president of the Vatican Museums), Father Mark Haydu (international director of the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums) and Micol Forti (curator of the Contemporary Art Collection in the Museums).

Speaking to the press, she said: “The Church is the biggest patron of the arts of all times. All of us, we have the duty and the moral obligation to thank her. Anyone must do something to help the Church to continue her work”.